Everyone is seeking happiness. We want things to be resolved to our satisfaction, even when they cannot be. Despite our challenges, we can learn to manage life in a way that allows us to live a happy life. It is all a matter of the mind, of perspective. By pursuing the three essential steps below, you can achieve true happiness:

First Step:

Spiritual health is the primary priority. Each person must believe in the Creator of the world and that everything He does is for good. Developing a spiritual relationship with G-d is beneficial for everyone. Having this relationship provides calmness, comfort, security, and a sense of purpose in life. Each person should worship G-d according to their own religion. For instance, if a person is Jewish, they should follow Jewish tradition, as that is their heritage and responsibility, having been born into the Jewish faith. (to learn more about Jewish observance, please see www.chabad.org)  The Jewish nation is commanded to observe 613 mitzvot (commandments), although some will only apply when the Moshiach (Redeemer) comes and we have the third Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

 All other non Jewish nations are obligated in observing seven Noachide Laws, which were given by G-d to Noach. Through observing these seven laws, they fulfill their mission on earth by being righteous and acknowledging their Creator. The Noachide Laws are:

  • Do not profane God’s Oneness: acknowledge there is a Creator, only one God,  and do not worship idols or attribute power to any other deity in any form. Acknowledge Divine Providence over creation. 
  • Do not curse the Creator (respect Him and His creation), no matter how angry you may become in life. Accept that whatever happens is part of God’s plan and is for the good, whether we understand it or not.
  • Do not murder (this includes abortion at any stage of pregnancy) It also includes not committing suicide: you cannot murder yourself either! 
  • Do not steal (which includes kidnapping a human being). 
  • Do not eat the limb of a living animal (this includes not causing pain to any living creature and being sensitive to all of God’s creations).  This refers to not cutting off the limb of an animal while it is still alive since the soul is within it. 
  • Do not commit adultery (this includes any type of sexual immorality, rape, incest or sexual abnormality)  Included in here is the underlying commandment to get married and establish a family (having as many children as God wants to give), which is also an obligation for a non Jew. 
  • Establish courts of law and make sure there is justice in the world. Every society needs law and order and each society needs a system of true justice without racism, anti Semitism or any type of unjustified prejudice.

Knowing that there is a Creator, a Higher Being, giving life to the world every moment and that He is involved in every detail of our lives, enables an individual to be able to face their challenges with greater strength and faith.

Why would G-d bring suffering to a person? Why people go through suffering in life is not understood, whether trauma or tragedy. The answer to suffering is known only to G-d. However, we do know that the concept of reincarnation gives meaning to many things that cannot be explained or comprehended. Reincarnation allows people to correct mistakes from a past life. These mistakes are often the cause of various sufferings that people experience throughout their life. The Torah (Bible) says there are a purpose and reason for everything that occurs in an individual’s life. Every individual has a purpose in this world. Sometimes the person must go through a situation that they may not deem as favorable to accomplish something on a spiritual level. Some times trauma or tragedy is a test from Above, to bring us closer to G-d and to bring out an inner strength we never realized we had. But when we recognize that G-d is in the picture and He is managing everything, our perception of suffering changes and we no longer have the same anger or resentment that we typically would have. Knowing that there is a Creator, a Higher Being, giving life to the world every moment and is involved in every detail of our lives, enables an individual to be able to face their challenge with strength and faith.

There are people who are existentialists or do not believe in G-d. How can they understand life and its challenges? We cannot obtain complete happiness if we want to remove G-d from the picture. We have to come to terms with our inner spiritual self, our soul. Every person has a soul and it behooves all of creation to acknowledge there has to be a spiritual aspect to life.

Scientists have tried to deny belief in G-d, thinking science and religion cannot exist together. Now, even scientists understand there is a Higher Being who has created the world with all its complex functions. Scientists are admitting the world did not come to be by chance. One such example is the Higgs Boson or Higgs Particle, which is the concept of a Higher Force in the universe that creates and moves the neutrons and electrons. The scientists have renamed this particle “G-d’s particle” and are now trying to discover more about G-d!

For more on this topic: https://home.cern/ 

Second Step: There must be a healthy mental and emotional balance to have proper psychological and emotional health. For complete happiness, a person must have their emotions and psyche balanced.

Mental and emotional health is correlated with an individual’s childhood, beginning from the womb. If trauma is experienced from the womb or during childhood, it must be resolved. Childhood traumas may include: experiencing parental divorce, little or no love, lack of fairness while growing up, insecurity, and emotional uncertainty. Most people have unresolved emotions and hurt feelings from their childhood. These emotions and feelings are embedded in the subconscious mind and often interfere with daily life and relationships.

When in a relationship, an individual must be well balanced emotionally. Having a healthy mental and emotional balance will aid in resolving conflicts, arguments, and disagreements.

Financial stress also weighs on an individual’s psychological and emotional health. The financial stress leads to worry, fear, or other negative emotions. We cannot always fix our financial problems, but we need to learn how to cope with things in a healthy manner so we can positively contribute to relationships, to our children and to our own lives in a productive manner. Needless to say, doing everything possible to improve our financial situation is imperative, but knowing how to cope and increasing our trust in the Almighty, will remove a lot of the fear and insecurity. That in itself brings proper mental health.

When negative emotions are not adequately addressed, they cause difficulty in relationships. These relationship complications can add to emotional stress, which triggers the subconscious, bringing out emotions that may have been dormant for years.

The subconscious mind, which is the part of the mind that retrieves data and is not currently in focal awareness, plays a major role in a person’s entire life. The subconscious mind records everything that occurs in your life, and stores it away, affecting every aspect of your life and how you relate to others.

Hypnosis is a method used to connect to the subconscious mind. Information and emotions which were recorded and stored away can be accessed, in order to become aware of what happened in childhood, and remove (or replace with a new positive message) any negative emotions or messages one picked up while growing up.

In contrast, the conscious mind of a person is aware of everything consciously. However, the subconscious rules the conscious mind without a person being aware of it. The influence of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind causes the person to behave and think in a particular manner even if consciously it makes little sense to the person. For instance, when trauma occurs, the brain may subconsciously decide that the emotions are too powerful and painful to handle. This can lead a person to have physiological pain or symptoms instead. A physiological symptom can be severe, even though there may be nothing truly wrong with your physical health. The pain is the result of a process initiated by the brain to protect the person from unresolved feelings inside that the brain considers too painful, sad, or threatening to face.

Dr. John E. Sarno was an orthopedist and surgeon at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York City. For many years, he treated patients suffering from back pain with medications, physical therapy, and surgery. Dr. Sarno came to realize that this method was not helping his patients. He began to explore more in-depth and found that emotional pain is often at the root of physical pain. After this discovery, Dr. Sarno was able to heal many patients through therapy for the subconscious and the conscious mind. He authored four best-selling books on healing pain through the mind-body connection, often referred to as psychosomatic issues. The origin of the problem is unresolved emotions that happened in an individual’s childhood or adult life. Until these emotional problems are resolved, many of the physical manifestations will be repeated. However, if a person is still in a situation of emotional or physical abuse, it is not possible to heal until the individual removes themself from that abusive situation or until the abuse stops.

How can a person know if the physical problem is physical or stems from unresolved emotions that are too difficult to deal with consciously? First, a person must rule out any medical disease. When the person determines there is no physical disease, the person should suspect that the real cause lies with unresolved emotions.

Examples of emotional traumas that lead to unresolved emotions are the following:

  1. Lack of love or attention.
  2. Parents divorced (a single parent raises a child).
  3. Physical abuse, including a beating by parents or others, and not being taken care of properly (poor nutrition, etc.)
  4. Sexual abuse.
  5. Psychological or emotional abuse may include: not being shown fairness or justice in life (such as parents preferring one child over another), always being put down or yelled at, being denied emotional love or care, living with a mentally ill parent, or living with a stepmother or father who is mean or not caring towards the child.
  6. Living with a family member that has a physical illness (i.e., An ill parent or sibling).
  7. Being in a home where both parents work and the child has no proper attention or recognition: the regular needs of a child are not being met.
  8. Being in a home with a parent who suffers from addiction. This creates insecurity and an unbalanced home environment.
  9. For adults, emotional trauma can come from being in a physical or emotionally abusive relationship.
  10. Being in a relationship with an addict.
  11. Extreme poverty can create acute insecurity, emotional depression, or fear.
  12. Having a parent or a close relative in prison.
  13. Homelessness or lack of a stable home can create tremendous insecurity.

BH Herbal Solutions has developed two herbal products that help with the above-mentioned problems:

  1. The first herbal formula is “Unblock Your Suppressed Emotions”. It relieves unresolved subconscious emotional hurt and anger. This herbal formula allows a person to function normally without being negatively affected by their unresolved subconscious fears, worries, hurt feelings, anger, etc.
  2. The second product is “Anxiety” Relief. Almost everyone develops inner anxiety and conflict which is the result of emotional trauma that everyone goes through on some level. This herbal formula works in a general way to bring an inner relaxation and tranquility of mind, which relieves anxiety and allows a person to cope naturally with their insecurities, fears, worries and emotional issues.

Third Step:

Physical health is equally as important as psychological and emotional health. A person needs to develop an excellent understanding of nutrition and adhere to certain dietary principles for physical health as well as mental health and happiness.

There is a lot of confusion about physical health; one should attempt to buy organic rather than fruits and vegetables grown by conventional methods. Unfortunately, the amount of pesticides used for fruits and vegetables is too much to be safe for our guts. Please see the videos below.



There is a connection between gut health and emotional health. Since our guts are not made from stainless steel, if we do not eat mindfully we may develop issues such as gluten intolerance, autoimmune conditions including colitis and crohns and other medical conditions.


Health is affected by what one eats, drinks, how and when one sleeps, how and what type of exercise is done, and of course one’s level of stress.  Health can also be influenced by genetics, body constitution and even by our emotions and thoughts. 

Health is affected by environmental toxins such as pesticides sprayed on foods, water or air pollution, plastics and other things that damage the environment, including our inner environment of our bodies.

To maximize health, we must do our best to keep our bodies functioning at the highest level.  Herbs play a big role in that as many functions need support.  If our kidneys cannot filter toxins to the fullest degree, some people may have skin problems because the toxins do not get released from the body completely.  That is why herbs to help the kidney function to its maximum are very useful at all stages of life. 

The liver must function properly for many reasons. If the liver is overloaded with too much sugar (fructose in particular), this can lead to problems with the pancreas and to diabetes. 
If the thyroid gland is either underworking (hypothyroid) or overworking (hyperthyroid) there are many things that will be affected negatively.  

As people age, they normally suffer some decrease in functionality in general. But it does not have to be to the extent we see in modern day society.  Many people believe old age must accompany a break down in the body systems. This is not necessarily true. There may be some decline in function, but it can be minimized with a proper healthy lifestyle. Herbs play a big role in optimizing health and preventing disease. That is why Maimonides, the greatest physician who ever lived, utilized herbs for his patients.

Conclusion: A person must find a deeper meaning in life – connecting to G-D, resolving emotional problems through herbs or therapy, and maintaining physical health through a healthy lifestyle. Spiritual connection, as well as emotional, mental, and physical health all, allow a person to achieve long-lasting happiness.

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