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  • Clears the alveoli of the lungs from pollutants accumulated through breathing
  • Breath easier in high altitudes
  • Clears lungs from air pollution
  • Clears lungs from smoking residue
  • Clears lungs from toxins
  • 100% natural and herbal.
  • No preservatives, fillers, parabens, artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors. Gluten and lactose-free.

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All-Natural Ingredients

The primary organs of the respiratory system are the lungs, which function to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide as we breathe. Carbon dioxide is the waste gas produced when carbon combines with oxygen as part of the body’s energy-making processes. The lungs and respiratory system allow oxygen in the air to be taken into the body while also enabling the body to expel carbon dioxide in the exhaled air.

Inside the lungs, oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide waste through a process called external respiration. This respiratory process takes place through hundreds of millions of microscopic sacs called alveoli. Oxygen from inhaled air diffuses from the alveoli into pulmonary capillaries surrounding them. It binds to hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells and is pumped through the bloodstream.

When the air is filled with various toxic pollutant particles in addition to carbon dioxide, these pollutant particles adhere to the outer and inner layers of alveoli, blocking and reducing their function. Some chronic effects include reduced lung capacity and lung cancer as a result of long-term exposure to toxic air pollutants. Both gases and particulates that pollute the air have negative effects on the lungs, resulting in various lung diseases and affecting other organs of the body.

The task is to clear the alveoli of the lungs from all these deposited pollutants as they constantly accumulate through breathing.

Lung support

Introducing our revolutionary product: Purify Lungs – The Ultimate Lung Support System”

Breathe easier and live better with Purify Lungs, meticulously crafted to optimize the health and functionality of your primary respiratory organs: the lungs. As the cornerstone of your respiratory system, your lungs play a vital role in supplying your body with life-sustaining oxygen while expelling harmful carbon dioxide. With Purify Lungs, you can enhance their performance and promote overall respiratory wellness like never before.

Key Features:

  1. Respiratory Vitality Boost: Purify Lungs is designed to fortify your lungs, enhancing their capacity to efficiently exchange gases and ensuring a steady supply of oxygen to every cell in your body. Say goodbye to breathlessness and embrace a newfound sense of vitality.
  2. Cleansing and Detoxification: Our advanced formula aids in the natural detoxification of your lungs, helping to expel built-up toxins and pollutants accumulated from environmental exposure and lifestyle factors. Breathe in clean, fresh air with confidence.
  3. Immune Support: Your lungs serve as a frontline defense against airborne pathogens and irritants. Purify Lungs strengthens your respiratory immunity, bolstering your body’s ability to fend off respiratory infections and maintain optimal health year-round.
  4. Respiratory Restoration: Whether you’re recovering from respiratory illness or seeking to reverse the effects of smoking or pollution, Purify Lungs offers comprehensive respiratory restoration. Nourish your lungs with essential nutrients and antioxidants, promoting healing and regeneration from within.
  5. Easy to Use: Incorporating Purify Lungs into your daily routine is effortless. Simply take the recommended dosage as directed, and let our potent blend of natural ingredients work its magic, supporting your lungs every step of the way.

Take control of your respiratory health with Purify Lungs and experience the freedom of unrestricted breathing and vitality. Breathe better, live better – choose Purify Lungs today!

Ingredients & Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage:  Three capsules in the morning. Lasts up to 20 hours. Repeat as needed.

Proprietary Blend   500 mg

Yarrow flowers powder
Calendula powder
Bee Pollen
Ginkgo Leaf
Hawthorn Leaf
Black Cohosh
Lemon Balm Herb
Peppermint Leaf powder
Muira Puama
Linden Leaf & Flower
Yerba Mate
Bay Leaf
Ginger Root
Wild Yam Root
Astragalus root powder
Rosemary leaf powder
Horehound herb powder

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Kosher Parve (all ingredients are raw, unprocessed herbs), Vegetarian Capsules.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 2 in
Capsule Count

30 capsules

Pack Size

10 Days Supply



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