AFib Heart Health
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AFib Heart Health

$49.99 ($2.49/ capsule)

  • Regulates cardiac rhythm.
  • Reduces palpitations,  dizziness, and lightheadedness.
  • Improves breathing and shortness of breath
  • 100% natural and herbal.
  • No artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors. Free of preservatives, parabens, and common allergen ingredients. Lactose-free.
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All-Natural Ingredients

What is AFib?

A normal, healthy heartbeat involves a regular contraction of the heart muscle. Afib, atrial fibrillation, is a type of arrhythmia, or abnormal heartbeat. Afib is caused by extremely fast and irregular beats from the heart’s upper chambers, usually exceeding 400 beats per minute.  Those who have atrial fibrillation may have signs and symptoms such as sensations of a fast, fluttering, or pounding heartbeat (palpitations), chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and/or weakness.

How can AFib Heart Health help?

BH Herbal Solutions’ AFib Heart Health is an all-natural herbal supplement that helps to control atrial fibrillation. AFib Heart Health regulates cardiac rhythm and reduces palpitations.

Ingredients & Suggested Usage

Suggested Usage: One capsule when needed, results in 1/2 hour. One capsule is effective up to four days. Repeat as needed.

Proprietary Blend   400 mg

Noni leaves powder
Cinnamon powder
Tribulus Terrestris
Ashwagandha Root powder
Ginkgo biloba powder

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Kosher Parve (all ingredients are raw, unprocessed herbs), Vegetarian Capsules.

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Additional information

Weight2.5 oz
Dimensions5.5 × 3 × 3 in
Capsule Count

20 capsules



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BH Herbal Solutions


2 reviews for AFib Heart Health

  1. Liam (Verified Purchase)

    I was diagnosed with afib 20 few years ago and my doctors never prescribed blood thinners for me. a few years ago i had a stroke (from my afib sending a clot to the brain) and after going to the ER they told me i should have been on blood thinners all this time and i have been taking blood thinners since then.
    your product works very good for my atrial fibrillation and i take it whenever my heart goes into afib. i wish i had your product a few years ago before i had my stroke.

  2. Olivia (Verified Purchase)

    My husband has suffered from atrial fibrillation for years. His doctors prescribed beta blockers and calcium blockers but he got too many side effects and could not take those. Finally we just tried your product and I must say we are amazed. Whenever his afib acts up, he takes your herbs and within a half an hour or so he is feeling so much better! There are so few herbal products on the market for afib and this is so needed

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