Help for Crohn’s, Colitis And Ulcerative Colitis

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  • FIRST-TIME CUSTOMERS: Improvements are noticeable within the first 2 – 4 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase two bottles of 15 Days Supply
  • Helps to stop diarrhea, bleeding, and stomach pain
  • Promotes gut healing
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Helps irritable bowel syndrome
  • Promotes better digestion
  • Combats antibodies that form in reaction to various food intolerances
  • 100% natural and herbal.
  • No preservatives, fillers, parabens, artificial sweeteners, dyes, or flavors. Gluten and lactose-free.
  • By 3 to 5 months, the Crohn’s, Colitis/Ulcerative Colitis will be in remission.

If you are also experiencing leaky gut and bowel incontinence, please purchase Bowel Incontinence Control together with Help for Crohn’s and Colitis.

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All-Natural Ingredients

Help for Crohn’s, Colitis And Ulcerative Colitis is a safe and effective solution to help heal ulcerative colitis naturally. This natural herbal supplement works from the inside out, reversing damage to the digestive system.

Taking medications and following strict diets for Crohn’s disease, colitis, ulcerative colitis, and other gut problems can be tiring with damaging side effects. Now things can change.  BH Herbal Solutions natural herbal product Help for Crohn’s and Colitis works to stop bleeding, diarrhea and pain without the damaging side effects of medications. Hear from individuals that took the product themselves and see how it helped them:


Crohn’s, colitis, ulcerative colitis, and gut problems have significantly increased in today’s society.

Two major factors, the quality of food and stress, play key roles in this increase. The quality of food has been compromised with pesticides and other harsh chemicals. The results of consuming such foods are leaky gut, inflammation, pain, diarrhea, bloating, and damage to the colon.

Also, with the constant demands of the economy, household needs, and health people are hardly able to escape increases in stress. Thus triggering autoimmune and digestive conditions.


BH Herbal Solutions Help for Crohn’s and Colitis natural herbal supplement is specifically designed to provide relief and support for those suffering from colitis and Crohn’s disease. Made with a blend of powerful herbs, this all-natural formula promotes gut healing, promotes digestive health, reduces inflammation, and combats antibodies that develop in reaction to wrong foods. 

Help for Crohn’s and Colitis is specially formulated to stop diarrhea, stomach pain, bleeding, and inflammation. This allows the gut to heal, the cells to rejuvenate and the digestive system to work properly. Help for Crohn’s, Colitis And Ulcerative Colitis begins to work in just one week. After four weeks significant improvements in symptoms are noticeable.

Our product is easy to use and safe for daily consumption, making it an excellent treatment plan for those living with colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Ingredients & Suggested Usage

Suggested use: Two capsules per day. One capsule in the morning and one capsule at night.  For the fastest and most effective results, do not combine with any Crohn’s or Colitis medication.

Proprietary Blend 500 mg

Aloe Vera Leaf
Anise Seed
Asparagus Root
Chaste Tree Berries
Dulse Powder
Goldenseal Root
Hibiscus Flower
Eleutherococcus Root
Slippery Elm

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Kosher Parve (all ingredients are raw, unprocessed herbs), Vegetarian Capsules.For

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30 capsules, 300 capsules

Pack Size

5 Month Supply, 15 Days Supply


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BH Herbal Solutions


Does your product Help for Crohn’s and colitis also work well for ulcerative colitis?

Yes, absolutely. This was formulated specifically for ulcerative colitis.  Colitis means inflammation of the colon. This can be caused by many things such as infection, improper diet, bacteria, virus, etc. Ulcerative colitis is more severe as it forms ulcers in the colon which bleed.

Ulcerative colitis is more of an autoimmune condition and can be a lifelong condition. Unfortunately most medicines have severe side effects.  Fortunately, our herbal product has no side effects and works very well to stop bleeding, diarrhea pain and other symptoms of ulcerative colitis

Is the herbal formula Help for Crohns & Colitis safe to take during pregnancy and nursing?
Yes, it is safe with no side effects

Is the herbal formula Help for Crohns & Colitis safe to use with medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure…. etc.
Yes, it is safe with no side effects for all medical conditions

Can I take the Crohn’s and Colitis product with any other medication?
Yes, however, it is important to understand that these other medications and our herbal formula, Help for Crohn’s and Colitis, have the same purpose: to heal or control the symptoms. The difference is that BH Herbal Solutions is natural with no side effects, while other similar medications have unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects. The consumer should take time to familiarize themselves with possible side effects of any medications. If you decide to take our herbs together with your medication, if you do experience any side effects, please realize they are not from our herbal formula but rather from your medication.

How long do I have to take Help for Crohn’s and Colitis for?
Each person is different. But what we know is that it often depends on various factors such as your diet. Our formula helps to heal the area of intestine that is affected but if you eat foods that do aggravate your stomach or digestion, the healing tends to be slower . Many people find that reduction of symptoms is faster and more effective if they follow a good diet. But with time you may find you do not need to be so restrictive on your diet because the herbs work very well to control your symptoms.

How soon should I expect to see results when I take the herbal formula Help for Crohn’s and Colitis?
Usually your symptoms are greatly reduced or even disappear within a week to 3 weeks. However you need to continue taking the product even if symptoms disappear because it takes time to heal the gut and remain symptom free. But the good news is that you can continue with the herbs as long as needed without side effects or problems.

Can children take Help for Crohn’s and Colitis?
Children as young as 5 years old can take Help for Crohn’s and Colitis. The capsule can be opened allowing the herbal powder to be mixed with any juice or liquid.

Does Help for Crohn’s and Colitis interfere or interact with any medication
No, it is safe with all medications

Is Help for Crohn’s and Colitis good for other intestinal issues besides crohn’s or colitis?
Yes, there are other uses from this herbal product. Since any herb has many properties and is not like medicine that has an isolated active ingredient mostly usually only good for one claim any particular herb can have many benefits.
Our herbal blend for crohns and colitis is also good for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and is very helpful for digestion of food (as the functioning of the small intestine improves, so does digestion), as well minimizing burping that many people experience after eating (especially elderly people).

Do I have to be on a special diet as well as taking these herbs?
Most people who are looking for alternative healing methods, like our Help for Crohns and Colitis herbal product, are in the category of being fed up with side effects from medications, especially when they do not see great results. The majority of people have tried various diets to control their symptoms. Nevertheless, many find that diet alone is not enough and does not yield satisfying results. So they decide to try our herbs because they hear good reports .
The reason why certain diets work for some people and do not work for others is because nobody really knows what triggers their crohns or colitis. Is it pesticide consumption? Is it fried foods? Is it a gluten or dairy intolerance? Diet and circumstances of life vary for every individual. This is why some people say that they get help by avoiding fried foods. Some say when they cut out gluten or dairy they see better results. So every person is different, depending on which country they live in, quality of food , genetics etc. There is no one diet fits all. And some find diet is of no help to them.
As far as diet is concerned, everybody has to see by trial and error which foods seem to aggravate their condition. Each individual will figure out which foods to avoid, based on that.
But when they utilize our herbs, as healing takes place, they will see reduction in their symptoms, no matter what the cause is. So if a person finds a particular diet is helpful, they should follow that along with taking our herbs and the results could be faster and better.
However, with time people do report that as they continue taking our herbs for several months, their condition improves and eventually many find that they no longer have to be on a strict diet. But each person is an individual and this is not an absolute for anyone.

Is Help for Crohn’s and Colitis good for leaky gut?
Yes. Modern life may actually be the main driver of gut inflammation. There is emerging evidence that the standard American diet, which is low in fiber and high in sugar and gluten, may initiate this process. Heavy alcohol use and stress also seem to disrupt the intestinal balance. Our herbal formula Help for Crohn’s and Colitis minimizes usual symptoms associated with leaky gut and promotes overall gut health

Is Help for Crohn’s and Colitis useful at all for celiac disease and gluten intolerance?
It cannot cure celiac disease nor make it possible to eat gluten for someone who actually has celiac. However, it can help certain symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain to subside.
Also people who are gluten sensitive (even if already on a gluten free diet) find that our herbal formula can help alleviate symptoms they continue to have, such as diarrhea, bloating, constipation and abdominal pain.

16 reviews for Help for Crohn’s, Colitis And Ulcerative Colitis

  1. Sandsy (Verified Purchase)

    This product is great and really help. I would recommend

  2. Bill Exarhopoulos (Verified Purchase)

    Like this products as it works well for UC.

  3. Daniel Weckering (Verified Purchase)

    It does exactly what it says on the label.

  4. t s (Verified Purchase)

    I have so far used one bottle and getting about 70% relief. However with the cost of $80.00 for a month cost of these I not sure I will be able to afford to buy for the 6 months that is suggested . increase the bottle count to 30 like most supplements would be nice

  5. halacim (Verified Purchase)

    This product works just as well, if not better, than similar products at half the cost. I also like the fact that you only need to take 2 a day compared to others that you need to take 6 a day. Definitely worth a try!

  6. janima (Verified Purchase)

    I bought these for my son who suffers from GI issues. I was so pleased to see results right away. For the first time in a long time he could eat his favorite foods without being tied to the bathroom. He slept through the night because these pills work. He’s able to eat again and digest without fear of flare up from his colitis The price is amazing for such an effective product. We’re absolutely purchasing more of these. Great taste and easy to swallow as well.

  7. EmKay (Verified Purchase)

    Really happy with the product and it’s effects!

  8. Kathy V. (store manager)

    I am 69yrs old, and have been battling a diagnosis of Collagenous Colitis for 2 decades. I have been on various Rx pills over the years, some very potent, and costly. But to no avail have I ever rid myself of this condition, and at times during a flare up, usually brought on by stress in my case, the symptoms have been debilitating. Not to mention, the fear, insecurities, embarrassment, seclusion, pain the list is endless, that this disease can trigger without a moments notice. I had to watch every bite I ate and beware of numerous food types and always mindful of special diets. In other words I felt as if being “held hostage” to this condition for literally decades.

    I recently started working at a health food store, and began to see the wonders of healing through natural foods, ingredients, and supplements. The folks my age stream in getting all of their vitamins, minerals, and natural supplements for their various conditions. I have attempted this in the past, and found that anything I took seemed to exacerbate my condition, so I stayed very clear of it all over the years. In other words my diet was very boring and not allowed to enjoy the many pleasures of good food like others. I had pretty much given up on any supplements for me, but one day very recently, I was determined to find something natural to try, and did a Google search, regarding Colitis and related symptoms.

    Bh Herbal Solutions LLC came up first on a very long list. What I liked most was the affirmation, “You can expect to see results within 1wk” So I immediately ordered, and was excited to think that possibly something new was developed for this condition, as I said, I had given up on this notion, and continued to take a strong prescription, that I had to always keep on hand. As God is my witness, I began to feel better in just a few days! I got off all of the prescribed Rx’s and took #2 Bh Herbal Solutions, capsules for Colitis per day. My body became normal in more ways than one, almost overnight! I became entirely regular, and not walking around in fear. I feel absolutely wonderful, I believe my body is retaining the vitamins, minerals, and healthy elements that are necessary to feel good more so great! I am just 4wks taking this miracle supplement and have actually forgotten that I had 20yrs+ of agony. I have even been able to expand my diet to numerous fruits & vegetables, and basically any Vegan non dairy food source that I want! I am even having a few sweets, and Oatmilk ice cream, a long time for this! Eating has become exciting and happy again. I used to cringe thinking, “How sick will I get if I eat that?” I have gained a few pounds, it was needed, (now 130lbs) my skin color is back, and the energy I had 20yrs ago is returning in spades! I cannot say enough about this herbal product, I believe I could write pages & pages of happy and grateful moments.

    BH Herbal Solutions LLC has freed me from the clutches of Colitis, and let me be myself again! I cannot “Thank” this company enough.

    Kathy V. from Kennebunk, ME

  9. Marlon Cole (Verified Purchase)

    All I have to say is two words…….AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tammy Bergstrom (Verified Purchase)

    Hello! Just wanted to let you know I ordered the 3 week supply of the “Help for Colitis” herbal supplement for my boyfriend who has ulcerative colitis. The first couple weeks we didn’t really notice any changes then towards the end of the 3 weeks, he said he was feeling better than he had in months! I just ordered the 5 months supply because I know the longer he uses it, the better his results will be. Just wanted to let you know we are so excited and feeling hopeful this works! His meds do nothing. Thank you team BH herbal solutions!

  11. Bracha (Verified Purchase)

    This product is amazing! So many great herbs in one capsule. My stomach stopped hurting only a week after taking this! And I’m seeing really good results already. I’m very surprised since I tried many things! Medicine and natural and nothing really helped. I’m so happy And thankful to G-d I found this product!!
    Thank you!!

  12. Lynn (Verified Purchase)

    I was having a lot of stomach pain, bloating and bleeding that doctors couldn’t explain what was happening. I had severe constipation and wasn’t able to eat properly. About a month ago I saw a post on Instagram about the herb and decided to try. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks and all my symptoms are gone. I can eat normal, which is anyway a pretty clean diet, and back to running. I’ll continue to take and share with friends.

  13. betty (Verified Purchase)

    I have ulcerative colitis for many years and none of the medications have been of much help to me. I literally suffer from bleeding and constant going to the bathroom. Finally someone mentioned that I should try Bhherbalsolutions product for crohns and colitis. I was skeptical but I told myself I have nothing to lose. It is natural and not harmful so I took it. Within three days I already noticed much less symptoms. Within six days my bleeding stopped and I am only going to the bathroom twice a day. Then I had to go in for a spinal tap and was told to stop any medications or herbal products so I did as the doctor told me. But I noticed my bleeding started a bit again and my diarrhea. So now I am back on the herbs and again seeing good results. I am really happy and will definitely continue with this.

  14. sam (Verified Purchase)

    I have had ulcerative colitis for about 16 years and none of the medicines the doctors gave me helped. With diet I managed to sort of control my symptoms but not well enough. I would go in and out of remission all the time and I suffered a lot. I lost a lot of weight, was in pain all the time, had bleeding and pus and I really wondered if I would ever get better. About a year ago I had a huge flare up of my colitis and I was bleeding a lot more than usual. I got really scared. Then someone told me to try this product. I figured I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Within 2 weeks my bleeding stopped. My pain on the left side of my colon also went away. I have been taking the herbs now for over ten months. Initially I was watching my diet as well because certain foods were a problem for me. But after about eight months on the herbs, I find now that I can eat all the things that used to bother me, without any problem. I am very flexible with my diet now and am actually gaining weight. I find these pills are absolutely incredible! Ulcerative colitis is a miserable condition but with these herbs I really believe it somehow is healing my gut inside.

  15. Batya (Verified Purchase)

    A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The doctor prescribed mesalamine. I took it for 6 months, and found that it helped a bit but not enough. I was still running to the bathroom 6 times a day, had bleeding and lots of gas. Sometimes I would leak before getting to the bathroom and I always had this feeling that i was not finished making (evem though I was). I went on a strict diet which helped somewhat. All my symptoms sort of got lighter (meaning less intense) but did not disappear. What bothered me most was the intense gas I was having, the leakage and the feeling that i still have to go to the bathroom even though i just went. My friend suggested I try these herbal pills, which I did, and right away my symptoms were fading away, so I thought hey, I will get off my diet since im doing so well so quickly. But I guess I went off my diet too fast because what I found was that if I do stay on my diet and take the herbs, that combination was the best! I am nearly symptom free and never felt better. My gas is normal, no leakage, I go to the bathroom once or twice a day max, and overall just feel a lot better. My stool is formed, no blood, very minimal gas and I no longer feel like running to bathroom or that I’m not finished. So grateful to have these herbs and i intend to continue using them.

  16. Tayla (Verified Purchase)

    I cannot thank you enough. It’s been life changing so far. My stomach started hurting about 6 years ago as a result of taking pain pills for a severe car accident I was involved in. I noticed my stomach being really upset. The less pills I took the worse it would get. I think the pills kept me blocked up. At this point I have not taken any pills for about 3 years and use medical marijuana to manage the pain. I started seeing a gastroenterologist about a year ago. I did all the things he suggested: no dairy, low fodmap, fiber, dr axe probiotic and Leakey gut formula. Nothing helped. I then got a colonoscopy and was told I had crohns. I am not into taking medication so I wanted to try diet change and vitamins. I did that for about 6 months I just lost a bunch of weight and felt more sick. Up until this point I have been a vegetarian but I started eating chicken and felt a bit better. I’ve found nuts help. Still no matter what I have a leaky gut every morning : it is acidic, watery orange nasty poop sometimes with a jelly texture. I started taking your herbs and the first week was already great. The acid went away and things started getting more normal. I think I have been taking them over a month I’ve gained weight in a good way. I feel less drained and dehydrated. About a week ago I started taking one fiber gummy every couple of days but find it’s to strong and I get backed up. I am just sticking to your herbs. I’m shocked at how much better I am feeling.

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